Michael Carroll & Co is here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - even before you attend the police station!

Michael Carroll & Co aims to protect your rights even before arrest.  If you are asked to attend the Police Station by appointment to assist the Police with their enquiries, please call, as you are entitled to have a Solicitor with you at this time, to protect your continuing rights at the Police Station.   Police Stations are intimidating, and often you may find yourself questioned by a team of highly skilled police officers, trained in interrogation and evidence gathering. You are most vulnerable at this time, and a good solicitor at a police interview can assist in balancing the postions of power, support and advise you, and where possible, direct the case outcome.  We can advise and represent you at all stages of a criminal investigation. Our experience shows that good quality advice provided early on, before or at the Police Station can greatly assist your position in Court or in having the investigation resolved without having to go to Court - call 0208 365 9900 (or emergency number out of hours on 07970617644  07734168675  07900965222) to discuss your situation.


We have regular experience of representing our clients at the Police Station in a wide range of allegations, including, murder, GBH, ABH, assault, rape, kidnap, gang crimes, sexual offences, arson, threats to kill, fraud, burglary, theft, handling, shoplifting, taking vehicle without consent, possession of false identity documents, possession and supply of illegal drugs, drug importation, possession of knives (bladed articles) or firearms, cruelty to children, dangerous dogs, harassment, public order offences, breach of court orders, affray, criminal damage, non-attendance at school, football related offences, road traffic offences, driving whilst disqualified, social security and benefit fraud, tax credit fraud, unauthorised use of trademark, money laundering, proceeds of crime, etc..  WE WORK FOR YOU - OUR DISCUSSIONS WITH YOU ARE CONFIDENTIAL.


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